Microsoft Agent

This is a series of snapshots of the Microsoft Agent getting a process variable.  The Genie is one of the characters that comes with Microsoft Agent.  The paper clip, used in older versions of Microsoft Office, is the best known. You can also make your own characters.  They employ voice recognition, so they understand what you say.  They also employ speech synthesis, so they talk to you, with the words appearing in the bubbles as they speak.  The animation, voice recognition, and speech synthesis come with the Agent.  You merely have to program what you want them to do.  This particular Genie can also get the weather page in a browser, open the Windows Control Panel, do an animated introduction to EPICS (with his friends), and disappear and return on command.  You can drag him around your desktop.

More information is available on the Agent home page.

Genie 6 Genie 1 Genie 4 Genie 2 Genie 3 Genie 5 Genie 6