Open Source Projects

Most of Ken's software is available as open source. These projects include C and C++, Java, C#, and Android. Some may be of general interest, and some may just be what Ken finds interesting or useful. They include experiments and trial-and-error tests on the way to understanding various concepts. Many Ken uses regularly, and these tend to be well developed and documented.


Ken's GitHub projects are located at There are more than 60 repositories. The binaries, as well as the source, are freely available.

A description of some of the more well-developed and useful projects is at This page includes links to overviews, repositories, and downloads.


Ken is now using Git, rather than Subversion, for version control, but many of the old Subversion repositories still exist. You may find the code for these projects at:


EPICS is an open source collaboration. Many of the programs Ken worked on are found at